Team Up - how does it work?



  • Is Team Up physically demanding / suitable for less active friends?  -  Team Up is always fun regardless your fitness level or age. Our tasks are focused on cooperation, logical thinking agility and as well on physicall strenght. However tasks focusing on physical strength can be always conquered by cooperation rather than strenght. In addition to physical strength, we will test your minigolf skill. How steady is your hand in challenge "electricity", how good is your musical ear in the game "music", what is your collective knowledge in the game "quiz" and many more.
  • Do we need to come in advance?  -  Before you enter the game, you have to go through an explanation of the rules (5 - 10 minutes), so make sure you arrive in advance at least 20 minutes before starting your booking.
  • How shall i dress? - During the performance of tasks you will jump, climb over various barriers, and simply work out. Our game area is air conditioned/heated and therefore a t-shirt and shorts will be sufficient.Do not forget to bring clean sport shoes as well.Lockers, changing rooms and showers are available. 
  • How long does the game last? - You complete our task/rooms in random order. How long you will be in the game depends only on your team. Completing all the tasks is not mandatory, but it takes two to three hours on average to conquere them all.
  • Can i take shower after the game? - Yes, we have showers in our premisses. However you need to bring your own towels.

Reservation of the game can be done HERE 


Team Up - how does it work?

Team Up is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center   .

Use the elevators by the entrance A.


Before you enter the game, you have to go through the explanation of the game rules (5 - 10 minutes), so make sure you arrive in advance at least 20 minutes before starting your booking.

If you arrive earlier than rest of your team you can wait for your team players in our Bar area.

You can change your clothes in our dressing rooms with lockers.


Team up "BAR area"

You play our game always in the team. Minimum number of players in the team is  3, maximum is 5. If you are for example 9 players, you will be divided into teams of 4 and 5.

When all players are ready, our instructor will give each player bracelet with the chip and help you with registering your team into the game system.After registration instructor will take you into the game area, where he will explain the rules and you will start the game immediately after instructions.


Video- game rules

There is 24 tasks waiting for you in the game area. You can complete the task in random order based on your preferences. Only one team can work on one task at the same time. Another team meantime work on different task. Each task has a time limit in which you shall complete the task. Time limits do not take longer than 2 to 4 minutes.

If a task is occupied, players will find another task or wait untill the team in the room will finish their attempt.
During the game, you can see the score of your and all other teams on our scoreboards. 
During the game, at any time you can leave the game area and go to the toilet, drink in the bar, or take something from your lockers.

Game area

Task „shooting range”


Task „swimming pool”

Task „elektricity”

After the game you can chill in our bar area with your friends

Reservation of the game can be done HERE